The environment is a big part of Brie’s inspiration and it means a lot personally and as a brand.

We know our business has an environmental impact so it’s important to us to be as responsible as we possibly can when it comes to what decisions we can make and we strive to keep learning. We are constantly questioning :

- what materials do we use?

- what suppliers do we work with & what are their values?

- how do we pack your orders?

- how far have the materials travelled?

Here's some more information on how and where our products are made and packaged:

Greetings Cards 

Our cards are printed locally to us in Suffolk by a carbon balanced printer. All our cards are printed on responsibly sourced recycled paper using vegetable based inks. Our envelopes are also made in the UK from recycled paper and when sending to our stockists, they come in biodegradable or compostable sleeves that are also made in the UK.


Digital and Litho poster style prints are printed on sustainably sourced paper in England. Giclée prints are printed in England on an archival paper and going forward we are looking at even more environmentally papers that suit this method of printing.


Our giftwrap is printed with a carbon neutral printer in Bristol on sustainably sourced paper with vegetable based inks.


Our birch veneer trays are made in Sweden by a family run business. The company only uses wood from sustainable sources and the trays are food contact approved.


We try to reuse boxes and packaging that‘s sent to us or donated wherever possible giving it a second life, but when we do buy packaging to pack orders, it’s always plastic free and recyclable. We use kraft paper tape that is completely recyclable and even our stickers are made from sustainable sourced materials and are recyclable.

These decisions often come at higher financial costs to the business but sticking to our ethos of thinking ahead about the future outweighs the short term need for more profit. As the demand increases for more environmentally friendly solutions, hopefully things will change.

Find out more about our different printing methods.